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We realize that many of our customers need true direct consulting services to enable them to properly complete a given project. PowerHouse Systems has an inhouse design team that is very knowledgeable and utilizes the latest CAD softwares and design tools and we speak your language. PowerHouse also has National Installers that we can recommend to come out and get your networks up and running on every level from Telephone Key System Programming to Fiber and Coper WAN/LAN needs - and we mean U.S. Nationally! We have a network of independent contractors who are certified to give complete end to end 15, 25, and Lifetime System warranties on Cat 5e and Cat 6 through PowerHouse Systems. Give us a call about your project today! We can offer full turn key consulting services if you need to design build anything from a doctors office to a multi floor building to a campus environment to a world wide area network.

Likewise, PowerHouse Systems is teamed up with BDI Link to offer complete Fiber and Copper Installation, Test, and Certification Courses worthy of 24 BICSI Credit hours. If you are a contractor or end user trying to build consistancy and uniformity between your crews then let PowerHouse set up a detailed training course and bring your team together - there is nothing better than walking into a wiring closet the work being so clean, detailed, and exact that you can't tell which one of your crews did the closet on multiple sites.

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