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Shielded Connectivity Systems

Shielded Connectivity Systems have many special uses within a network environment. PowerHouse Systems has the highest Cenelec ratings attainable in the industry for shielded Cat 5, 5e, and 6. Our products are very popular in Europe where countries like Germany primarily require shielded systems. Shielded systems offer data security for military, financial, hospital, and other restricted environments. Likewise, fully shielded systems offer protection from RFI/EMI noise around sensitive equipment such as laboratories.

PowerHouse has takes Shielded Connectivity more seriously than other manufactures in North America. Our Systems are completely. Our Panels were designed in Germany where the world's top shielded systems are required. Our panels and jacks are tested and certified for EMC by Fribourg SA lab in compliance with CENELEC EN 55022 and CENELEC EN 50082-2 and also meet EIA/TIA 568-2.B UL Cat 5e & Cat 6.

We also have German hardened heavy Cast 2 port Cat 5,5e, 6 for Industrial & Military Use


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